Work with Me

I’m pleased to offer one on one coaching services to expats, repats, and anyone who’s considering living abroad. I’m a fully trained counselor and highly experienced working with children, adolescents and adults.

The following packages are available.

Hopeful Expat Exploration, 30 minutes. Do you dream of going abroad and have no idea where to start? Let’s chat for 30 minutes and see if I can help you find three keys: why you want to live abroad, how if would change your life, and what to do to get started devising a plan and strategy. $47

Hopeful Expat Strategy, 60 minutes. You’re ready to take the plunge and find a way to get abroad. Let’s unpack all of your skills, hone your resume or CV, figure out how your skill set and current career could take you abroad - or choose a new one and forge a path! $87

Expat Preparation, 60 minutes. So you’re moving abroad and now you need to organize your house, life, kids, belongings, pets, etc, etc! We’ll talk it all through, come up with actionable, manageable plans to ensure everything is taken care of. And that will clear space to focus on the mental preparation that you and your family need, and which can be so easy to overlook amid all the other preparations.

Unhappy Expat, 60 minutes. Are you living abroad and finding it hard, even thought this move was something you wanted and prepared for? Or maybe you wound up abroad haphazardly and now you’re feeling the full force of your new reality? Let’s pinpoint what you’re missing, what you need and want and figure out how to align your expat life with your fundamental values.

Repat Preparation, 60 minutes. Your expat journey is coming to and end and you’re going back home? Incorrect. You’re moving back to your passport country, which has changed, just as you have changed and now comes another grand life change. Do not underestimate the gravity of re-entry and prepare. I will help you hash out the best ways to say goodbye, tie up loose ends, and prepare you for the potential stages and pitfalls that lie ahead.

Struggling Repat, 60 minutes. Re-entry, or moving back home, can come with grief and loss and be incredibly isolating and difficult. It’s helpful to have your experience and grief validated by someone who understands the process and reality you’re living through each day. Adjusting to re-entry involves identifying and moving through your grief, targeting what’s missing and what you miss in your new life, and pinpointing ways to align your everyday life with your values and needs.


$47 for 30 minutes. Book now.
$87 for 60 minutes. Book now.
$450 for a package of six 60-minute sessions. Book now.

All sessions are offered over Skype.

Disclaimer - While I am a fully trained counselor, I am not a Licensed Mental Health Care Professional at this time. My degrees and certification are in School Counseling and I cannot diagnose. My offerings are coaching sessions and are not to be confused with mental health counseling or therapy.