Conquering Debt

All posts up until now on this blog have been fluffy and noncommittal. There has been no true purpose to what I've been writing about and as a result my posts have been sporadic and disjointed. Folio Rose has a focus at last! Since our wedding last summer I have been fine tuning Joel's and my modest salaries to do my bidding and point our lives in the direction of my choosing. It's not easy. And, up until the big economic burst, being in debt was something that people didn't talk about. Hilarious considering just about everyone was in way over their heads! But now, my day to day struggles with wanting, restraining, economizing, budgeting and credit card conquering will be shared with you here on Folio Rose. As a practical slave to beautiful things, I can guarantee you this won't be a boring journey. I am a true American in that I am a consumer of the finest quality. I love to shop and bring home lovely new things. But you could also say that I am a true American in my persistence and willingness to stick to a difficult, drawn out task. And that is exactly what getting out of debt is. Here we go!