Joel has been completely uninvolved in our finances since we tied the knot. This is not entirely his fault. After we moved into our new place, I took the reins and handled everything. Then, as it was Joel's first year teaching, it made sense that he was extra stressed and busy. But, over time this has become somewhat irritating for me and more recently I have begun to feel resentful about it, so it had to come to an end.

Yesterday Joel got a lesson (from me) on our online banking Budget Management tools. He now knows how to track spending and assign categories. After that, he got an equally valuable lesson on how to file statements in our at-home filing system. He didn't enjoy his lessons. Not one bit. But he agreed with me that it's better he do these things himself than have me annoyed with him for not doing them. Here! Here! Tomorrow he's getting a lesson on internet bill pay and how to call and set up electronic debit. My life is getting a lot easier. Three cheers for summer and having the time to organize our household -- together!