Alright, I'll admit it. I haven't come up with my blog focus just yet. But this was too good to pass up posting about. Mrs. Meyer's Countertop Spray is simply marvelous!

I fell in love with the Mrs. Meyer's Geranium scent when visiting a colleague's classroom a while back. She had set up Sink Scrubbing and the children used the Geranium Surface Scrub to that end. It delicately scented the entire room. My children also use the Surface Scrub and it makes the entire classroom smell heavenly. La.

Since that chance discovery, I've been waiting for things to run out so I can switch over to Mrs. Meyer's at home. Not only do these products smell spectacular, but they're plant-derived and non-toxic, too! Best of all, Mrs. Meyer's actually outperforms Mr. Clean spray making my tile countertops gleam. Splendid.


  1. I love geranium scent! They grow geranium in Reunion to make some "huiles essentielles" out of it and my mom always sends me some.


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