Tonight Joel and I went to our neighbor Beth's apartment for a casual soirée with Emily and Vince from the 3rd floor. When we got home, I said to Joel, "I feel like a real adult!" Beth had a delicious spread from Whole Foods tastefully served in gorgeous ceramics from Twist. The conversation was easy and light and we chatted away through three bottles of wine. Knowing one's neighbors is truly a wonderful thing. I must say, the longer we live in Portland, the less I want to go back to Europe. There's just something about being here that is so good. I love it. I love it completely and throroughly and I feel loved in return. Portland really is the greatest city on earth. It attracts interesting, cultivated, intelligent, creative, curious, conscientious, thoughtful people. Being here is exciting and comforting. I love this city!


  1. I feel the same way about Corvallis :) Although in all honesty, we miss Portland a bit, too!


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