I have no idea how I'm ever going to finish the yoga challenge I signed up for. Every night there is some sort of conflict which makes it impossible for me to go to yoga. Okay, difficult to go to yoga. Alright, fine. Easier not to go to yoga.
The last time I went was a week ago! Going once a week will not exactly help me reach my goal. But I haven't been since because of various things. I wanted to stay in and make a nice meal with Joel one night. I had a work function the following night. The next night was Friday night and I had happy hour with the girls, but had to take care of some errands for work before that, so missed the early class then. Saturday was Halloween - Sunday I was hungover. Monday was conferences so I was at school until 7pm. Granted I did go in later, but I had to go to the DMV during the couple of daytime hours I had for the first time in months. And here we are on Tuesday night again, my goodness. Tonight I'm not going because Joel has a work function and we like to think we're really green because we only have one car. Hmmm.