Out of Time

Sometime in early to mid-November when my December issue of Sunset magazine arrived, I was really taken in by an article titled Kanella Christmas by Joyce Maynard. Her cookies, the Kanellas, sound absolutely amazing, and I've been fancying her Kanellas my signature cookie every since. I've gone so far as to tell many friends about these fabulous cookies I'm going to make and give to coworkers and loved ones alike. I've described them and their adorable, stubby, misshapen form. I've even imagined myself years from now eating a lovely Kanella and thinking I really hit the nail on the head back in 2009 when I found that Kanella recipe. They're just right, I imagine myself thinking then as I do now. Timeless, simple, yet surprising.

Keep in mind I have yet to taste a Kanella. I can tell you that the recipe seems like a good one and that the picture on page 76 of this month's Sunset is adorable. It's just I don't seem to have enough time. And while I know everyone says that, as the year draws to a close this is something that is really troubling me. Over the past week, I finally got through all of my obligations for work and now it's 9pm and the Kanellas take two hours. I have the whimsical jars to present them in, charming gift tags and all the ingredients in my kitchen. It's just not going to happen tonight.

I have to go to bed now. 26 children need me to be full of energy for them tomorrow. Maybe I'll just lug all the ingredients in to school and make the Kanellas with them. Now there's an idea. Besides, I can't risk everyone going on a diet and not eating them come January!