A Few Things...

First off, don't these carnations just make you smile?! I am completely obsessed with pink carnations, and with Weck Jars. They really do make a delightful combo. Yum!In other news, I just ordered a new battery for my laptop. My computer might be described as a dinosaur by some, given that it is a 2004 Powerbook G4, but I'm telling you, aside from being a little slow, this thing is going strong! At least for what I need it for. A little email here, some blogging there, Facebook, MS Word and Excel, printing some stuff now and then. Do I really need a super fast computer? No! But it is a pain that it always has to be plugged in and that every time I do unplug it, I have to reset the clock when I start up again. So, I got a new battery off of eBay for a mere 35 bucks. Rah! Over the years, I've loved this little computer. I added RAM at one point. Nice! I installed Leopard. Yes! I am with the times. I even got a new hard drive when the old one went kaput on me. Not so fun. But, luckily, the computer started acting up and gave me advance warning so I got all my photos burned onto cds before the big crash. Excellent! And it was very inexpensive to replace the hard drive. I have really gotten my money's worth out of this thing - and without putting that much into it. Why is this relevant to my blog? Well, I am hoping that having more mobility with my computer will make it easier to update more often.

Over the past few weeks, I've been busy with a project. I decided to completely rearrange our living room and dining room a few weeks ago. I didn't really realize what a crazy decision this was at the time, which is probably a good thing. I might never have begun if I had realized what I was taking on. I must admit though, I love doing interiors and I'm having heaps of fun. HEAPS! Here are a few before pictures for your perusal.Looking from the northeast corner of the apartment toward the bedroom and entry hallway.Looking south from the northeast corner into the kitchen.The view east from the archway to the bedroom and entry hallway.

Basically, I decided to flip-flop the arrangement of these elements. Here are a few pictures in progress.

Yikes!Oh my! What have I done!? Don't worry, it's working out fine. Once I have the place spiffed up and ready to have some girlfriends over tonight, I will take a few photos so you can see the finished product. What fun!