Judy's Magic Cast-On

My first knitting class is complete, and now all I want to do is knit. However, I'm starving, so I must stop and eat. But first, a little blog update and a few pics.

Class was amazing. Our instructor taught us Judy's Magic Cast-On which is truly magical. It results in a purl row once cast-on is complete, leaves no edge or seam on the toe and is a complete snap! I decided to get bamboo circulars instead of metal because I hate the feel of the metal ones. I'm hoping I'll warm up to the metal ones later. I also had to go back to throwing because learning a new skill on little tiny needles while simultaneously practicing a new technique proved difficult. I'll still practice continental on a felting project I've got going now at home because ultimately that's how I want to knit. For now, I'm very happy with my latest foray into knitting and simply bursting with ideas of things to make on those wonderful circular needles. What a lovely afternoon!
A little blooming jasmine waiting for class to start.

A fun sign.

And the best part about being in a knitting shop: the incredible colors.