Larch Mountain

What better way to spend a gorgeous sunny day in Portland than with crèpes for lunch at Chez Machin followed by a 10 mile walk up Larch Mountain.  In fact, it was so gorgeous yesterday that sitting at an outside table at Chez Machin, I was able to bask in the sun in jeans and a t-shirt!  This February spring weather is definitely one of the best things about living in Portland.  Every year we're treated to two weeks of bliss.  I've been in Oregon long enough to know that it's going to get cold and rainy again, maybe until June.  But for now, long live the sun!

The craggy summit.

It was so clear you could see (l to r) Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams 

Of course, Mt. Hood was grandly beautiful.

Me and Joel at the top!

If you'd like to walk up Larch Mountain, just take I-84 east from Portland to exit 18 toward Lewis and Clark State Park/Oxbow Regional Park, Turn left at Crown Point Highway, Continue on Historic Columbia River Highway, Continue on SE Hurlburt Road, Slight Left on SE Littlepage Road, Slight Right on SE Louden Road, then follow signs and Turn Right at E Larch Mountain Road.  You can park at the closure gate at milepost 10 and walk up Larch Mountain Road the remaining 5 miles to the Sherrard Viewpoint.  The road reopens sometime between May and July and then you can drive all the way up.  Walking is much more fun, though!  The view looks way better when you've earned it.  


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