Joel and I are moving away from our beloved City of Roses at the end of July.  It's strange because it's hard to describe just how much I love Portland, but we have a dream to follow and Portland will still be here when we get back.  Since we first starting dating in Eugene, Joel and I have wanted to live and work abroad together in Europe.  Not just anywhere in Europe, but in Switzerland.  How's that for specific?  Amazingly we have set up our lives and education and careers so we can do just that and we're leaving at the end of July!  It's so completely bizarre that sometimes it doesn't seem real.  But it is real and while I'm ecstatic about going, I'm distraught over leaving. How could I not feel sad leaving Portland? It's just so perfect.  And what's not to love about going to Zürich knowing it is considered by some to be the world's most livable city?  Over the next six weeks, I am going to appreciate Portland as much as I can.  Then our wonderful Swiss adventure shall begin.  This is quite a lovely time indeed!


  1. Wow! That's exciting! How long do you plan on staying?


  2. Salut Eve! We got a 12 month work permit, so we will definitely be there one year. Hopefully we will stay two and ideally three. Maybe more. Who knows!! How is Boston. Are you going to Reunion for Christmas? Perhaps we can meet up soon. Miss you!!!! xoxoxo


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