While I was not the one to introduce Phoenix's phenomenal third album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, to our home, I can claim that I am duly obsessed with its wonder.  This is it when it comes to music.  When I say I am obsessed I mean that I want to listen to this album all the time and the only thing that stops me from listening to it over and over again is the fact that I want to savor it rather than play it out and grow tired of it prematurely.  In the past ten years I have only been this in love with two other albums.  One, four years ago, was And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead's Worlds Apart.  The other, 12 years ago, was Texas is the Reason's Do You Know Who You Are which will probably always be my favorite album of all time so let's not even go there.  

The funny thing is that Trail of Dead is from Austin, Texas and Texas is the Reason is from New York and Phoenix is from Versailles.  WTF?  Weirder still is that Thomas Mars, Phoenix's frontman, has a child with Sofia Coppola, director of my absolute favorite movie, Marie Antoinette, which is set in Versailles where Mars is from.  Could this get any more synchronistic?  Probably.  But who cares?  I am going to revel in it anyway.

All of that aside, it is wonderful music in the truest sense of the word.  And you can believe me when I say that, because I am extremely picky and I simply do not say an album is spectacular unless it is.

So get yourself over to the iTunes store and buy Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix straight away.  You will not be sorry. Right now, I just cannot get enough Phoenix.  I am in love.  Vive l'amour!


  1. nothing ever touches texas is the reason. ever. i think you were the first one to introduce me to phoenix and air like 10 years ago when you were all euro-fied.


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