My Two Homes

During my trip home to the US, I was repeatedly surprised at how confused I made myself and others by referring to "home." As in, "It's so good to be home," or "I need to buy some Cream of Mushroom Campbell's soup to take home with me." All I can figure is that I now have two homes. The US will always be my home and right now Zurich is definitely home. Crazy!

It was a bit disappointing to arrive home to rain and 61 degree weather, but there was a huge rainbow to greet me!

This time around, I've had some of the worst jetlag I've ever experienced in my life! I literally slept *all day* today! This evening, after I woke up, J and I took an evening stroll through town, had ice cream cones at Mövenpick and then dinner by the lake. We had the best seat in the place and the mountains were all pink with alpenglow. Swoon!

It's always hard to come back after being at home where everything feels so comfortable and familiar and English is spoken freely. Most of all, I love having time with my family. Coming back this time I even cried going through airport security! :( But now that I'm back it feels good to be home. I definitely missed my darling J and being back with him, everything feels right. 

Do you live far away from "home?" How do you cope with the distance? Will you move back or are you staying for good?


  1. ahh i know the feeling! we just moved from san francisco to india and i get the same confused looks anytime i refer to "home" :)


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