Folio Rose has been on vacation for the past week, but I'll get back to posting tomorrow when things slow down a bit. I'm at home in the brilliant USA having the absolute best time being surrounded by friends and family and enjoying dining out at all my favorite restaurants. I needed a good dose of that!
The beautiful Sam at Navarre in NE Portland.
Zells in SE Portland. One of J's and my favorites.
Speaking of the lovely J, he is having the time of his life riding his bike through France along country roads through lavender fields and camping next to moat surrounded castles in Provence. He tells me his French is getting very good!
J's beloved Bleriot. Note the tent on the back.
A tree-lined street in Provence.
We are each having our own respective good times, but we agree that we miss each other terribly.

Darling reader, have you and your other half ever vacationed separately? Did it make for an extra emotional, lovey and meaningful reunion? Or would you never do it again?


  1. Hi Lindsay! I know this was a while ago, but I'm reading anyhow :)

    My husband and I spent six months cycling through Europe in the same fashion as your man (he had the tent on the back, I had my ukelele), and I'm pretty sure that if he ever decided to do something similar again, that would be a time when we would vacation separately! I was not a cyclist at all to begin with, but held grand hopes that I would obviously become one. I didn't, despite cycling for so many hours and so many km every single day... For me, this is the only circumstance where I can see us holidaying separately. I've told him he should go for shorter bike touring trips on his own sometimes... has your man done it since you've had your bubba (not sure how old)? Did you find it extra hard?

    Hanging out in my old favourite cafes and restaurants is much more my style :)

    1. Not since the baby came along...but he's off for a weekend in June with a friend on a cycling trip and then in the summer when my mom's here, he'll go do his own thing for a bit, too. ;) Sometimes it's best to divide and conquer!!
      I think we need to get together and talk cafes, restaurants and ukeleles! :) xoxoxo


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