Frugal {fancy} Painted Nails

These days I feel completely naked without painted nails. Thanks to my lovely friend and neighbor, N, I have discovered the joy of the at-home manicure - a must in Zürich where an "Express Manicure" will set you back 60 francs. Yikes! 

I used to think that you couldn't have a decent manicure at home. Not true. N is really good at painting nails and I'm learning from her. Her secret weapon? Chanel base coat and top coat. Use those two products and your nails will look perfect for nearly a full week! I've never had a salon manicure last that long. I used to think that nails had to be long to look good painted. Quite the opposite! After I scratched Coco by accident, I cut all of my nails down short. As it turns out, short nails look way better (and last way longer) than long painted nails. How delightful!

Having painted nails adds a little whimsy to everything I do throughout my day: washing the dishes? paying bills online? changing a diaper? dropping a letter in the mail? All fancy when done with painted nails!

Do you paint your nails? What are your favorite manicure tricks and products? 

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  1. Hey Lins...check out sparitual nail polish. It is formaldehyde free:) They have wonderful colours.


  2. Hello Folio Rose.
    Correct me if I'm mistaken but I think most nail polishes are now Formaldehyde free? Not sure but worth looking up :-)
    Really enjoy reading your blog

    1. Oooh, I hope you're right. I keep using the toxic stuff!! ;) xo


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