What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

This year, J and I will be at my mom's house on Valentine's Day. How perfect is that? She has already agreed to babysit Coco and we have the ideal evening planned out. Because I still don't fit into many of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and considering we'll be quite jet lagged having only arrived the night before, we've decided the perfect Valentine's Day for us will consist of burgers at Red Robin and a movie at the mall in downtown Spokane (!) I guess this is proof that we've fully made the transition from hip young couple to married with children. It will be entertaining to see all the highschoolers on dates at Red Robin, not to mention having an English-speaking waiter and ice water brought to our table when we sit down! As for the movie, we are just going to see whatever is in the theater. Movies come to Europe later, so our plan to see Carnage (which is currently playing in Zurich) was a bit off. ;) 

There's still time, so I might order some classroom Valentines from Coco to hand out to our family and friends back home. They're so impossibly adorable and affordable. And this week, my baby girl and I are making mini banana breads in little heart flocked bread pans to give to J's coworkers. 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Do you make a big deal out of it or do you find it a bit silly?  

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