Three Yummy Snacks

I love a good snack in the afternoon. However, if I don't make an actual snack on a plate, I'll wind up eating an entire bag of chips, or an entire chocolate bar and completely making myself sick! These are three of my favorite, satisfying, yummy snacks I love to enjoy during that lull between lunch and dinner.

#1 Salt & Vinegar Chips and Cottage Cheese

Don't knock it 'til you try it! These two are a match made in heaven and while it's not the healthiest snack you can muster, it's not the worst one either. Cottage cheese packs more protein per gram than just about any other food and it's a serving of calcium rich dairy to boot. How's that for a dose of yum?

#2 Toast with Black Cherry Jam and Cheddar

For this, I use a whole wheat baguette with nuts and seeds and I don't skip the butter. On top of a healthy layer of delicious, sweet black cherry jam is a thick slice of aged white cheddar. Mmmm. The contrast of the sweet jam and the salty cheddar is to die for!

#3 Cream Cheese and Lemon Curd on Sweet Toast

My upstairs neighbor Noel got me started on this and it's a new classic around our house. I find it's best on a sweet braided bread like challah, or here in Switzerland you can get Butterzopf at Coop. Toast lightly, slather on a thick layer of Philadelphia cream cheese and then caress with a silky lemon curd finish. Mmmm. Creamy, zesty, perfect. 

What are you favorite snacks? Are they healthy or indulgent like mine? ;)