Photography Fridays

I have a little idea. Since I got my new camera, I've been taking a lot of photos. So every Friday, I'll post some recent photos from the week, or this week the past few weeks, and share them with you. Won't it be fun to watch them improve as time goes on? (At least they should! ;)

This weekend marks the beginning of J's spring holidays, so we are excited to have him home for the next two weeks. Sunday he's running the Zurich Marathon, which means we'll definitely head out to see him, rain or shine. And, sadly, it's looking like rain. Boo.

A rainy weekend means I'll be taking more oil baths, reading more of my book and working on Coco's legwarmers. Throw in some Earl Grey with cream and honey, and I guess it's not so bad. 
I hope your weekend is lovely wherever it takes you and whatever weather you find there. See you back here Monday! xo


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