Scotch Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Having painted nails is something I have come to absolutely adore. It makes me feel pretty, feminine and a little bit fancy, regardless of what I'm doing, when my nails are painted. But it does bother me that nail polish and nail polish remover are so stinky and toxic. Did you know that there is actual formaldehyde in nail polish? Eeew! Because of that, I try to go polish-free for at least one week each month so that my nails have a chance to breathe. But I miss the polish during those weeks.

Now I might not have to!

Scotch Naturals makes non-toxic nail polish in a wide array of stylish and current hues. They even have non-toxic base coat and top coat AND soy polish remover. I'm really dying to try it! The colors are so vibrant and the bottles are classic and preppy.

Aren't they lovely? Scotch even has a kids line called Hopscotch. Cute! Oh my. When I was a little girl, I would have been over the moon! 

Would you try it, or do you use non-toxic nail polish? Are natural or non-toxic beauty products a priority for you? Ever since having a baby, I've been more concerned with making sure the things we put on on and inside our bodies are safe. I'd love to hear your tips and favorites! 


  1. Scotch is a non toxic nail polish. Which girls like more and all the girls are trying to buy that due to its best uk edu birdie colors. All these colors are good because they are unique and girls mostly want uniqueness.


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