Being Pregnant

When my due date finally came and went, and I knew I'd go into labor any day, I was actually really sad that I wouldn't be pregnant anymore. Of course I was looking forward to meeting the baby, but I just adored being pregnant and I knew I would miss it. 

Right from the very beginning of the pregnancy, when I was nauseated and felt sick a lot of the time, I enjoyed it. It didn't matter that I felt sick because it was so rad to experience the changes taking place inside of my body and to know that I was nurturing the development and growth of a human life. (It continues to blow my mind now that she grew inside of me! :) Then the pregnancy just kept getting better and better. I had my big bump to hug and pat and there was the unbelievable feeling of the baby squirming and kicking. It. was. awesome. 

J and I took lots and lots of belly pics throughout my pregnancy and I already love looking back at them. See more after the jump!

At first, I was barely showing and depending on my outfit, sometimes you couldn't tell at all. But it was very exciting for me to finally have my belly bump toward the end of week 11 or so. 
During pregnancy I felt more beautiful than I've ever felt in my life. It was ravishing!
I loved holding onto my bump and I rubbed and patted it all the time! I felt so good right up until the very end. The last picture is me 4 days before Coco was born! I definitely miss being pregnant. I just can't imagine anything better. Although we want to savor our time with Coco and wait a couple of years to have another baby, I know I will love being pregnant just as much the second time around!

To be honest, most of my friends thought I was a bit crazy to love being pregnant so much. ;) What do you think? Did you love being pregnant? Do you? Why or why not? I'm curious how other women feel about this one, so please share your thoughts below. I'd love to hear! xo