Knitting Update: Coco's Legwarmers

Okay. I'll admit that when I wrote this post a few weeks ago, I had the terrible feeling that I had bitten off way more knitting than I could chew. I was getting ready to start Coco's winter legwarmers and now I'm extremely happy to say that I was wrong! With the help of an amazing YouTube channel, Very Pink Knits, I was able to figure out everything in the pattern. Isn't that fantastic?! YouTube is so helpful, but it has its drawbacks. J read an article recently that said that when boys want to know how to tie a tie, they don't ask their dads anymore, they just get on YouTube! That makes me sad. Learning how to run two colors of yarn for a striped knitting pattern is okay, but boys of the world, let your dad show you how to tie your tie!

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Here are the legwarmers in progress. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be inside out on the double-pointed-needles, but it is and I can't see it will impact the final product at all. As an added bonus, it is super helpful for running the two colors of yarn up the seam of the project when they're out where I can see them. 
Aren't the colors gorgeous?
I feel super fancy having two balls of yarn going at once using no less than five needles! It seems so complicated (even though it actually is not ;) and I can't wait to see how sweet that ruffle is going to look around her chubby little legs. 

I originally learned to knit as a child from my mom, then re-learned as an adult from my wonderful friend K and now that I'm living overseas and far away from everyone, I continue to hone my skills on the wonderful, magical internet. Are you a knitter? How did you learn and get better? From your mom or grandma? A friend? YouTube? I'd love to hear.

The internet is such a powerful tool, but I often wonder if it gets in the way of actual human interaction. What do you think? 


  1. I originally learned how to knit in college from a roommate. Once she moved away though, I forgot how to do it and didn't have my teacher to help me so I didn't knit for a while. When I started knitting again, the internet was my best friend! is my go to site for knitting help. It's great! You should check out It's kind of a social site for knitters but there are all sorts of patterns to search through. Some are free, but some you have to pay for. My profile name on it is thomatuttle if you want to see what I've been up to knitting wise!

  2. I would love to see your Ravelry! I didn't realize it was an online community beyond pattern sharing. So cool. I'll also check out the next time I get stuck. Thanks for the tip!! xo


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