Monday, May 14, 2012

Coco's Favorite Toy: Silver Baby Rattle

Silver baby rattles always struck me as symbolic and decorative rather than useful. But that is just so not the case! Coco's favorite baby toy by far is her silver baby rattle. It is also my favorite toy of hers. It's the right size for her baby hands, it's not annoying and it's absolutely beautiful. Once, I accidentally left it in a cafe and didn't realize what I'd done for a few days. Thankfully, I called and it was there! I jumped on the tram that instant and went and got it. Since then, we don't take the rattle out of the house because it would be a tragedy to lose. A complete tragedy. Allow me to tout the wonders of the silver baby rattle and explain why after the jump!

The silver rattle was the first toy she could hold by herself - at about six weeks of age! It was so sweet to see her little hand wrap around the slender bar and then to see the look of surprise on her face when it tinkled gently as she moved. Her rattle makes the softest, sweetest sound that could never get annoying, no matter how long she rattled it! That's much more than I can say for most of her toys. Sophie la Giraffe is ridiculously cute, of course, but after a while I get really tired of her dog's-chew-toy-squeak. The rattle on the other hand sounds like fairy footsteps!  
Now that Coco is teething, the silver rattle is still the winner. She will chomp on it for hours. Literally hours. Clearly something about the shape, texture and temperature of the silver is just right for sore baby gums. And, my God, does she not look adorable holding onto that darling thing?!

If you're looking for a baby gift, absolutely get a baby rattle. It's a beautiful keepsake, yet it's perfectly practical as the baby can use it and enjoy it for a long time. I never would have gotten Coco a silver rattle myself. (Hers was actually a hand-me-down from some friends!) Now that I know how wonderful it is, I plan to buy each of our babies their own. Maybe I'll even have them engraved with their name and birthdate. Wouldn't that be lovely to have as an adult? 

You can order an identical silver rattle here

Do your children use a silver rattle? Did they? Do you think a silver rattle is over-the-top decadent or practical? I'd love to know what you think! xo


  1. Silver toys is new for me but it is looking good for babies,but in my opinion toys are the most precious things for babies.

  2. Hi Lindsey, Immediately after I read your post here, I tried to find a small silver baby rattle for our soon-ton-arrive grandson. Absolutely NO LUCK! The link you included works fine, and the lady from Michael Olaf called me back right away. She said they were no longer carrying them at all because of the exorbitant price of silver! So I tried Nordstrom, and they said the exact same thing! Nordstrom DOES carry a pewter rattle, though, which you must order online or by phone or have the sales associate put through the order for you; it is then sent directly to your home.The one I ordered arrived last week, and I think it's way too heavy for an infant to hold. It doesn't tinkle, either; it sort of has a dull, muted sound. Not sure I'll keep it. By way of illustrating the current price of silver, the Nordstrom clerk showed me a smal silverl infant cup. Price: $550.00! Just thought you should know the value of the little infant rattle Coco loves! Don't lose it at the badi badi! I'm going to keep looking. I had one when I was a baby, which my Mom kept. Then she had a fire and was lucky to escape with her life. Of course, most of the family treasures were burned or ruined at that time. My silver rattle never turned up. Sad.

    1. Just did a little research...I think I have some options for you. I'll make a full post about it. ;)

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  5. Hello,
    You can check on and see some of our silver baby rattles! We still make them and there are more designs to come!
    Thank you,
    Liz Chryssanthidou

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