Old TV Series: thirtysomething

Have you ever seen the show thirtysomething? I remember my older sister and her friends watching it  as twenty-somethings when I was a pre-teen and thinking that thirty-something sounded so old! Now, of course, I'm an early-thirty-something and I would love to watch the show as a new mom thinking about when to go back to work. Never mind that those thirty-somethings are now sixty-somethings; the show's themes are sort of timeless. One character grapples with the choice between working and staying at home with her children. The couples have difficulties in their marriages. They ask themselves how their youth got so far away - not necessarily in terms of time, but in ideology. It sounds like the same stuff thirty-somethings think about and worry about today! 

I was just reading about the show on Wikipedia and I'm so bummed that I can't find it for streaming on Netflix or Hulu. (Streaming! Just think, in the show there aren't even any cell phones, let alone smartphones and laptops and streaming! ;) I would really love to watch it and see what's the same as a new parent, what's different and how society has changed for parents over the last few decades. Without a streaming option, I might have to get the first season on iTunes, but it's not cheap. Have you seen it? Is it worth the $35 to see the first season? What did you like or dislike about it? I would love to hear what you think before I throw down the cash! 

By the way, isn't it funny that the show originally aired on Coco's birthday in 1987?  

{photo from MGM}


  1. I loooooooooooved this show! Even though I was a kid, I was so wholly invested in the lives of Hope and Michael! I'm curious as to how it stands up but I'd definitely think it would be worth the money to buy.

  2. That's all I needed to hear! iTunes, here I come. :)

  3. Ah, this show brings back memories! My mom watched it, and like you, the characters seemed so old at the time! I turned 30 last year and still don't feel as old as they were...yikes!

  4. Don't worry, Melissa. You're not! The characters in the show were late 30s. You've got some time! ;) xo

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