How do you organize your baby's routine?

I'm really wondering how all of you moms out there stay organized. It's weird. You see, I seem organized, but I'm actually terribly disorganized. For example, when I was in grade school, I would always run out of hot water in the shower. Like every time! So finally my mom suggested that I go about showering in an organized fashion. You know, wash your hair first thing, then wash your body, then get out. It was a complete revelation to me. Do you realize that before she clued me in, I was just hanging out in there looking around, singing, dancing and enjoying the warm water? By the time I thought to wash, the water was already running cold. Unbelievable!

Now, I feel the same way as a mother. I'm just enjoying my little baby, hanging out with her on the grass by the lake, loving her to pieces, and instead of running out of hot water, I run out of time. Like everyday! So I want to hear all about it moms: How do you organize mealtimes, bedtimes, shopping, cleaning, cooking, and so on? 

Chez nous, things just seem to get worse. One problem is that I like to cook. Over the past few days we've eaten dinner at later and later times. Tonight was the last straw. J got home late from skiing, completely exhausted. Coco wouldn't go down. Finally, I ended up eating the most beautiful, puffy, gorgeous soufflé I've ever seen in all my life, all alone. At 10 pm. Oh dear! :( So clearly something has to change here.

But first let's talk about the soufflé.

The soufflé not only looked good, it was absolutely delicious. Of course I had planned to have it ready when J got home at 8:30. But then, between Coco's fussing and trying to put her to bed several times and other interruptions, it ended up taking several hours to make. I enjoyed it nonetheless. After all, only truly wonderful things start with shallots and that much butter.

Murphy's Law, the only law that seems to govern my life these days, was in full effect and everything came together effortlessly given that no one was watching (or even eating it) besides me. When I opened the oven to take it out, I was awestruck. Now, let me just add here that this was my very first soufflé. I'm proud of it, even if it was a complete fail in every other way.

So back to the routine problem. How do you moms do it? If I'm honest, I find the whole issue of routines repulsive. Naturally, this is part of the problem. And it is absolutely ridiculous because as a Montessori teacher, I know how important structure and routines are for children, and everyone! Yet somehow, it feels like imposing structure on my life at home defeats the whole purpose of freedom. Tonight's soufflé incident got my attention, however, and if structure means I get to eat dinner with my husband and go to bed at a reasonable hour, I'm in. 

Please help! I need your tips, tricks and favorite book recommendations, pronto! Otherwise J will keep going to bed hungry, I'll continue eating alone and Coco will grow up in chaos and have dark circles under her eyes. And we can't have that! ;)

Thank you for chiming in on this one! I really can't wait to hear your thoughts. xo


  1. I'm totally with you on trying to figure this out! The things that I have started to implement to help has been:
    1. a list of favorite dinner options so I don't have to think too much, and ideally I do some prep during the afternoon nap or sometimes miraculously I get it all done and ready for the oven, so when the little guy starts to get fussy during the 'witching hour' I am not trying to cook and get him ready for bed, dinner is just in the oven getting ready for us.

    2. A list of cleaning tasks separated out throughout the week (or 2 weeks) - these things have to been done during naps as well since he wants to be IN everything I'm doing now that he's walking around. Sadly, this way the whole house is never clean at once, but at least it's always in a state of 'ok' and usually never gets to the point of 'yuck'.

    3. Grocery list - this way you have less things to remember...we have a continuing list on the frig that we both can add to when we see we need/almost need something (you can use the dinner options list to add to the grocery list and cut down on the number of times per week you go to the store as well)

    4. Being in the moment...see now, you have this down perfectly! I think most of us worry so much about getting things done that we're not able to enjoy our little ones and how they change every day...and you may feel unorganized...but you enjoyed sitting by the lake with your little one, which filled you both with love and joy. I think being in the moment should be first on the 'to do' list for all of us! Good job! xo

    1. Isn't this hilarious?! I mean, I'm doing a workshop on positive discipline, including PEACEFUL ROUTINES, next month! It has been a very humbling experience to bring a child into my home after working with children in a classroom for so long. It's a completely different ball game. Completely!
      Thank you so much for this excellent advice. I am going to implement all of it. Right away! :) BTW, Today was an excellent day. Baby swimming in the morning, coffee after, playing with friends, then a bit of shopping. Got home and prepped dinner while Coco played on the kitchen floor, she was asleep in bed at 7:30 and I had dinner on the table 15 minutes after J walked in the door! Pretty awesome. ;)

    2.'s all so different from the inside than the outside, huh? :) I know it is for me! Sounds like you had a great day, though, congrats! Yay!

  2. The biggest thing that helps me is planning out the week's meals on Sundays and getting the week's grocery shopping done at once. It cuts out tons of trips to the store and splurge buying, because I just shop off the list of things needed for those meals. And I'm not stuck at 5:30 wondering what to make.

    1. Just did this for the week! AND...wait for it...I did grocery delivery, which meant that I did the grocery shopping during Coco's nap and didn't have to schlep a thing. Already having the menu laid out for the week, I feel so zen. :) Thanks for the tip!! xo

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