Where to Buy a Silver Baby Rattle

May 29, 2012

I was so surprised to learn, after writing this post, that Michael Olaf is no longer carrying the silver baby rattle I linked to because of the price of silver! Apparently, silver has skyrocketed to the point of impracticality. It turns out that finding a silver baby rattle is not so easy anymore! It is such a disappointment. It also makes me treasure Coco's baby rattle all the more.
After a little research, I've found several good silver baby rattle options (including one I'm particularly partial to ;) if you're interested in purchasing one. 

If you're looking for a sweet sounding rattle...
The Areaware Barbell Rattle, pictured above, has 16 hand-tuned tones, which sounds delightful! While it doesn't have the flat ends that Coco's has, and which she enjoys teething on so much, I think the spherical end could still fit into a baby's mouth and provide lots of gnawing pleasure. Note that this rattle is made of German silver, or nickel silver, and not sterling.

If you want to monogram...
The Beaded Dumbbell Rattle from Empire Silver Company has space dedicated to an initial on either end. The beaded detail looks perfect for tender teething baby gums and will probably provide hours of relief - for both mommy and baby! ;) Sterling silver.

If you want a vintage rattle...
Etsy shop "Found Under the Eaves" has one for sale at a serious bargain price! It's definitely been through at least one round of teething with a baby, but that's the beauty of an heirloom piece. It has more love to give! Sterling silver.

If you want one like Coco's...!
Navajo Sterling Silver Barbell Baby Rattles are exactly what Coco has! The heart stamping on the end is no longer available, but there are several sweet geometric designs to choose from. Each of these rattles is handmade by one of two women and is stamped on the bar by whom. Coco's was made by Katherine. Isn't that so lovely to know who made it? I absolutely adore these rattles and I think I'll order two or three more just to be safe. That way, if we achieve our dream of having four children, each of them will have one as a baby to then pass on to their baby someday. 

If you still haven't seen the rattle for you, there's always eBay! Tiffany's used to make silver baby rattles and there are tons of them on eBay now. They are gorgeous of course, but I can't help but love the Navajo rattles more. They are truly perfect. 

In Switzerland or the EU, there are some lovely silver rattle choices here and here. Happy rattling! xo

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  1. Thanks for the info on where to buy a silver rattle. I just bought a navajo one from ebay. I hope my little darling likes it as well as yours!

    1. I hope so, too!! Be sure to let me know how it goes. :) xo

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