Camping with a Baby

We are going camping for a week on Corsica next month so I'm gathering pointers on camping with a baby. So far we've decided that Coco will be feasting the whole time on Ella's Kitchen. I was happily surprised to learn that Ella's are certified organic by Oregon Tilth and that their baby rice is brown rice instead of white. Won't it be easy? Nothing to worry about but spoons and bibs! 
Until a couple weeks ago, I thought that squeezing baby food out of a pouch and onto a spoon to feed your baby was a little weird. In fact, I was against store bought baby food altogether. But that all changed when Coco took a liking to Nestlé baby food after weeks of not touching my homemade purées. Now that we have a seasoned eater on our hands, I love store bought baby food and I think  that baby food from a pouch is pretty much completely rad. 

Have you gone camping with your baby? What worked out well and what didn't? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks before we head south in a couple weeks! 

{photo from ella's kitchen}


  1. Just wait til they are old enough to hold it and suck it straight out of the pouch. Really rad :)


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