Zurich: Beautiful Old Doors

Tonight was a lovely warm evening so J, Coco and I took a walk through town. We enjoyed a nice little picnic dinner and then we strolled through Lindenhof. J is planning a photo-led scavenger hunt for his class. The idea is that within a boundary area and allotted amount of time, the children have to look for (and find!) 32 different doors, each unique and beautiful. As we strolled along looking for pretty doors, it was fun to see the area through a different lens and to notice all of the gorgeous exteriors and old houses. 

We saw people taking their dinner out onto their balconies, cats lounging on garden walls and people hanging out their windows smoking cigarettes. It was a great night to be out and on the way to the tram home, we saw the Zurich Musikkorps brass ensemble playing on the Rathausbrucke. Coco was blown away. 

I say if your baby has a late nap and wakes up at 5:30, don't bother fighting it. Just get out and enjoy your found evening. :) Here are a few of my favorite door photos J took. 
Zurich is such a pretty city. It's one of the things I love most about living here. What do you love about where you live? What makes it special to you?


  1. I love walking through towns and cities looking for these kinds of things! When I traveled Europe, I made a point to find interesting graffiti wherever I went. I tried to take photos, but most of them didn't turn out, cause I had a crappy camera and didn't really know how to use it. Even so, I felt more connected to the places I went because I sought things that weren't just on the tourist maps. This is a great idea for something to do in your own hometown... a way to reconnect. I think we often get so used to the surroundings of a place, we forget to actually SEE it. What I love most about where I'm currently living are the large variety of birds that nosh at the feeders in the backyard. We have flickers, goldfinches, budgies, sparrows, lazuli buntings, stellar and scrub jays and even the occasional hawk. There are also bunnies aplenty and the ever elusive coyotes (who I only ever hear). There was even a deer a few nights ago who decided to noisily slurp and munch the birdseed, virtually emptying it! This is all in the suburbs of Camas, WA! There is beauty everywhere, if you're willing to see it!

    1. That is so fantastic!!! I completely agree that there is beauty all around us. If you were in the movie "Enchanted" you could just sing and all those animals would come clean your house! ;) xo

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