Baby Gender Dreams

It's said that the dreams you have while pregnant regarding your baby's gender are never wrong. So far based on my one pregnancy, I can say that this is true. When I was about 15 weeks along, I had the most vivid dream about our baby.

I was going to the doctor for a routine check and found myself walking down the hallway of my doctor's office. No one else was there, it was quiet and warm evening light came in through the windows. None of the lights were on and the door to her examination room was open. I walked through the door. The windows were open and the curtains were billowing in the breeze. Then I saw that our ultrasound picture was projected on the wall, larger than life! I looked at it, felt a swell of motherly love and said to myself, "Look! There's our baby!" And then I noticed that emblazoned across the top of the ultrasound was the word Mädchen. 

"Oh no!" I thought in the dream,  now aware that I was dreaming, "Now I know that the baby is a BOY!" After all, M is for male, right? And with that, I woke up and was a little disappointed because J and I really wanted to keep our baby's gender as a surprise for the delivery. 

So that morning, while were getting ready for work, I told J about my dream and finished with the disappointing revelation that we now knew we were having a boy. :( But then J told me that Mädchen actually means "little girl." I was so delighted that it would still be a surprise! Plus, I really, really, really wanted a baby girl so badly I could hardly see straight the whole nine months. ;) 

It was the one and only dream I had about the baby while pregnant. 

In the end, the dream was right and we had a little girl. Isn't it funny that I dreamed it in German?! And I don't even really speak German! I suppose on some level we learn an unknown language more than we think when we're constantly surrounded by it. Did you have dreams of your baby's gender? Were they right?


  1. I dreamt that Edgar was a little boy with blonde hair and long dark eyelashes. All true!

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