Our Little Eater

I was so frustrated last week that I swore off giving Coco solid foods for a whole month. But something didn't feel right about that. After all, she is nearly nine months old and should really get used to eating since she'll be doing it for the rest of her life! ;)

So I decided to try lots of different things. I'd been making all her baby food with the Babycook and started to suspect that maybe she just didn't like it. So I picked up a few new things. I got a millet cereal with pear and apple. Winner! And then, when that worked two days in a row, I got some Nestlé meals and apple and banana purée.

Wow. My baby food has nothing on that stuff. Today Coco polished off 100 grams of garden vegetables and veal and then went on to have 65 grams of apple and banana purée. I was so surprised! And she was so satisfied an content and happy. Hurrah! I'm so happy for her. 
What a sweetie. I love her to the moon and back!