Father's Day at the Walensee

For Father's Day, we took the train to the Walensee and did a gorgeous, long hike through the forest, past the highest waterfall in Switzerland and along the beautiful lakeside. It was lovely. Coco started the journey with a nice long nap with her daddy in the Ergo. How appropriate for Father's Day! ;) Photos and more below if you'd like to see.

The weather was gorgeous, just this side of too hot and spectacularly sunny. This is the view from the dock  in Mühlehorn waiting for the boat, which we took across the lake to Quinten. Can you believe the incredible color of that water?! 
From Quinten we walked to Weesen. With the baby and stopping for a picnic and water and breaks, it took us about five hours. The trail quickly went up and we had amazing views. Coco rode on J's back in the Ergo and did so well. She was pretty content the whole time!
At one point, she fell asleep like this. Do you think she was trying to tell us something? ;) How priceless is that with her sweet chubby little fingers? Made me laugh!
All of these photos were taken with Instagram, our all-time favorite app! My Instagram is @swisslark if you'd like to follow me and J's is @_j_n_y_ if you'd like to follow him, too. Lately, we're really into the hashtag #caughtgramming. So here I am caught Instagramming! What can I say? It's addicting. :)
We stopped for a little break and J caught me by surprise eating a granola bar. How cute is Coco playing with the wrapper? So darling! 
At one point, the trail went through a tunnel, which was super cool and such a nice break from the heat and sunlight. 
On the way home, I snapped this sweet pic of J and Coco in her "Daddy's Girl" romper. Is that not the most adorable father-daughter photo of all time? They are quite the pair those two! Now when he gets home from work, she is absolutely giddy to see him. Lucky baby and daddy!
We sat in the bistro car and got Coco all set up on a blanket to play. 
Her thighs just kill me. I am crazy for her sweet chubby legs!
While she played happily, and charmed the heck out of the staff and conductor, J and I enjoyed a well-earned glass of prosecco and watched the scenery go by.
Happy Father's Day, J! Coco and I think you're the bee's knees. xo


  1. You guys have a beautiful and adorable baby. Love the way you both took time out for Father's day celebration. I think its the time together that made the place more beauitful.

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