Busy Bees

I've been busily preparing for a webinar I'm presenting on Positive Discipline at the end of the month. It's so much harder than I thought it would be to bring all this wonderful information together in a concise and accessible way. My goodness! So that has taken up a lot of my energy the last few days. It's deadline time!!!

Here are a few pictures of our little darling. She has learned this week to move! It's so amazing. She slaps her hands on the floor in front of her and pulls! Then she goes places. Like today at my friend Karina's house, she went for a vase on a low shelf - and got to it! Luckily I got there in time, too. I guess this means we have about one week to do some baby proofing. :) What an exciting time!


  1. Uuuh, I'm really looking forward to our photo session in August :) After meeting so many baby boys in the last weeks I am happy about meet finally a baby girl.

  2. We are looking forward to it, too! I already ordered some matching outfits for me and Coco!!!! :):):) Thank you for reading the blog! xo

  3. What an adorable baby! I love how you are managing work along with taking care of your little one. But please do some house proofing as early as you can.


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