Pink Dishes

It's a well known fact that I love pink. And perhaps it's going a bit over the top, but we now have pink dishes! :) Most of them are actually white, but I couldn't pass up these sweet pink bowls or the pink dessert plates, either. I love the delicate, flower like appearance of the bowls. They're dainty and have a sweet vintage feel to them. I nearly passed them up, but I'm so glad I got them in the end. I was standing there at IKEA, all ready to pick out some boring, utilitarian white dishes when I said, "Hey, wait a minute! We're not going to live here and eat off of these dishes forever, why not have something fun?" And that was that. I do think pink dishes will be very fun. 

IKEA has a lot of romantic, whimsical stuff right now, with floral patterns and scalloped edges all over the place! I used to prefer everything to be modern with clean lines. Now I find I like a touch of frill. What's your decorating style? Would you ever have pink dishes? ;)


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    1. They're proving to be totally rad. Naturally! :)

  2. i'm getting more into pink since i had my daughter, but it has to be a very specific type of pink. it has to either be more on the peachy side of pink or have grey in it for me to like it. i don't think pink dishes would work in our house though, due to me still getting onto the pink train and i don't think my manly hubby would eat off dishes. although, he was the one that said we should paint reagan's room pink, so you never know!

    1. I love this!! It's fun to imagine a really manly man eating off of pink dishes! ;) Luckily, it's just white day to day and the pink are in the sideboard for fancy desserts and guests. FUN! ;) Reagan's a lucky girl to have a pink room - Coco's is all yellow and green. Surprising, isn't it?! xo


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