Zurich: Babu's Bakery & Coffeehouse

June 7, 2012

One of my absolute favorite spots in Zurich is Babu's Bakery & Coffeehouse on Löwenstrasse. Their coffee is delicious: I always get a hazelnut latte macchiato. And they have fantastic food: My favorite is the Parma Schinken sandwich, which I think we'd just call a prosciutto sandwich in English, but in German they call it Parma Schinken. Isn't Schinken a funny word? Not to be confused with schminken. Look that one up and have a laugh. ;)
Today Coco and I went to Babu's with my friend Nina and her daughter, Lilja. We had a table outside that was just perfect. When we arrived, it was overcast and cool. By the time we left, it was full sun and blazing hot. It's amazing how the weather here changes from one hour to the next. In fact, it happened again this evening and went from sunny and warm to dark, stormy, windy and pouring buckets in less than 30 minutes! It must have something to do with the Alps. Regardless, Babu's is ridiculously charming and reliably yummy whether you sit inside or out. If you're in Zurich, don't miss out!

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    1. You'll be out on the town with your baby soon! xo

  2. Look at all that SUN! and, WOW! Your hair is getting REALLY long! So pretty, you two!

  3. I love Babu's! We have to go together soon :)

    1. I would love that! So would Coco. Let's meet soon. xoxo


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