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J and I just booked a Volkswagen Polo rental car for one week in July. We are planning a super cool trip up and over the Alps, through Northern Italy into Tuscany. We'll stop off to say hello to the leaning tower of Pisa, then hop on a ferry to Corsica. Do a little camping, drive around the Cap Corse and then hop on another ferry to Nice and drive back up the coast, over and through the Alps once again to Switzerland, and then on to Zurich. We love being in the car together. Our best conversations are always when we're driving or walking and, as of her last time in a car, Coco loves being in the car, too. So we are looking forward to a good old road trip, filled with beautiful scenery and camping.

Back in Portland, we had a VW Golf that we miss so much sometimes. I am a total Volkswagen devotée. I've had three of them! First, when I graduated college, I got a white Cabriolet with white leather interior that was my childhood dream car from the movie "Can't Buy Me Love." ;) Remember how 80's fantastic they all were? Then I had a black Cabrio with crazy confetti patterned interior, which we loved dearly until it was totalled. What a sad day that was. And then we got the Golf. It was a TDI and the exact car we had always wanted. When we got the job offers to come to Switzerland, we almost turned them down so we wouldn't have to sell our Golf! But, in the end, we passed her on to a loving owner in San Francisco and parted ways after just six months together. I do miss that car sometimes. I really do love driving a Volkswagen.
Aren't these Volkswagen ads cute? I particularly love the Cabrio ad of the starry sky. There is nothing better than driving in a convertible. Do they make you want to drive a VW, too?

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