The Perfect Eggs and Hashbrowns

Lately I have a new obsession. Hash browns topped with over-medium eggs, bacon, cheddar, diced avocado and Tapatío hot sauce. It is unbelievably perfect. Heaven on a plate. What an odd twist of fate. After months of missing and pining away for Mexican food, hash browns and breakfast sausage, I've pretty much learned to make everything I love and miss by myself and from scratch. Bravo!

If you would like to recreate this perfect breakfast (it also makes a good lunch!) I've shared the recipe with you after the break. :)

The key to really yummy hash browns is super hot oil. I use organic sunflower oil and you want it to be shimmering before you throw your shredded potato in there. Do you see the shimmer? That's on high heat right there. No messing around or you'll wind up with soggy, greasy hash browns. No, thank you! Put the oil in the pan to heat up while you prepare your potato.

A regular cheese grater will get the job done just fine, but a mandoline makes it that much easier and faster! Wash and peel your potato and then shred. Now wait for the oil to start shimmering and then toss it in. Use a spatula to spread it evenly in uniform thickness.

Once they're in the pan sizzling away, be patient. I typically put a lid on them and dice the avocado. Then I check my email or do whatever dishes are lying around while I resist the urge to check on them or touch them. Wait until the edges are well browned if you like 'em crispy, or golden if you don't. Then use your spatula to loosen completely and flip in one piece!

Grate some cheddar while you wait a few minutes more. Then put the finished hash browns on a plate and sprinkle with the cheddar. Set aside while you make the bacon and eggs. 

I like to use a little cubed pancetta when I add bacon. I just toss it right in and sautée a few minutes in the leftover oil from the hash browns. Then I break the eggs right on top, pour in a half an eggshell of water on the exposed bottom of the pan, and throw the lid on it to trap in the steam. I take the eggs out promptly when the whites are done, thanks to the steam, and the yolk is still runny. Yum!

The eggs go on top of the cheddar-sprinkled hash browns and then the diced avocado and lots of Tapatío go on last. Enjoy!

What is your favorite breakfast? And, more importantly, do you prefer hash browns or homefries? xo


  1. Yum! I am going to try this very soon :)


  2. I make a fried egg every morning (fully cooked white, semi-runny yolk) and this is the most brilliant egg tip I've ever read! (to put the water in)
    I like rösti because it's easier to make-- for me to have home fries I need to use leftover potatoes from dinner the night before, and we don't cook them that often so...yay rösti! (I reallllly miss the Alpler rösti with the ham and cheese already in it).

    My latest breakfast obsession is a masala spice veggie burger from trader joe's (here's what I missed when I lived in CH-- trader joe's, whole foods, barnes and noble, cupcake shops), grilled in a pan. Topped with one fried egg, some mushrooms, a little bit of ketchup on the side. it sounds weird but it's so good. To make it a lunch/dinner version, I add a salad made of pea-shoots and tahini dressing.

    1. My mom always made eggs that way and I thought everyone did until a couple of years ago. Perfect every time! I am definitely with you on missing TJ's and Whole Foods. but Book Depository takes care of my book needs and Zurich has several cutesy cupcake shops. :)
      I went through a period of eating those Masala burgers on greens and with eggs and stuff for a while, too. So yummy!!!! :)


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