Baked Potatoes on the Grill

Baked potato night is one of our favorites, but baked potatoes from the grill are even yummier! I'm in the process of perfecting our grilling/picnic kit after Saturday night. We packed up and grilled by the lake at sunset. It was dreamy!

I have to admit that when we moved to the city last summer and gave up two balconies, I was a little worried about not having any outdoor space. Here in Zurich lots of people don't have any outdoor space, but the city is set up so beautifully, you almost don't need any. In the Coop, you can buy potatoes pre-wrapped in gold foil for grilling and single use grills. The grills light with just one match and give your food that wonderful charcoal grilled taste. Isn't that just too perfect?

When we move back to the States we will buy a house. Then we'll have plenty of outdoor space, and I'll love it and never take it for granted! Lately I have days when I really want a garden for Coco to (very soon) crawl around in, or to be able to hang out laundry in the sun, and I'd love to grow veggies and flowers. When that time comes, it will be lovely. But for now, city life in Zurich is pretty much as good as it gets! Do you have outdoor space where you live? Do you use it as much as you could?


  1. Just found your blog through the #altsummit class. That is so cool how you moved to switzerland!


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