Zurich: Monocle's Most Liveable City

My dear friend Kate, who lives in beautiful San Francisco, sent me this video from Monocle a couple of weeks ago. Since watching it, I can't get it out of my head. All along, I've known that Zurich is truly special. It's no exaggeration that I feel thankful for how beautiful and wonderful this city is every. single. day. But sometimes it can be hard to explain to people back home exactly why we love it so much. Not anymore! Here, in this six minute video, is a quick synopsis of all the nuanced (and obvious) reasons why Zurich is pretty much the most perfect city in the world. We are so lucky to live here!
Give it a watch and see what you think. We loved going to the badi in the opening scene before Coco was born, and the closing shot is in our neighborhood. Have you been to Zurich? Does this video make you want to visit? Or maybe move here?


  1. hey there!
    Yes, I can also recommend Zurich as great!
    Of course there is a few pros and cons but it is certainly a very livable city.
    Had to think of this article below according to this post. . . enjoy!!



    1. What a great article! I love to know where the good take out is that the local mentioned... ;)


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