Alpine Baby Celebrity

While my mom was here, we took her up to Klein Scheidegg to do the most amazing walk. The Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau are some of the most incredible, famous and celebrated mountains in the Alps. The north face of the Eiger, above, is pretty much the North Face, but that didn't stop Coco from stealing the show. While we were eating our delicious Rösti lunch, we looked over and were completely taken aback to see this!
The mountains are behind all of those tourists taking pictures of and waving at Coco. Isn't it just the sweetest?! She did look pretty cute in her mountaineering outfit, I'll admit! ;)
Her usual bellowing was more like yodeling on high. 
Our delicious Rösti lunch with herbed butter. A traditional Swiss dish.
The walk was lovely with lots of wildflowers and, of course, amazing views. But I wouldn't let myself take hundreds of photos like last time because a landscape like that doesn't change much and I already have thousands and thousands of photos I need to go through. 
J brought along Emma, his colleague's dog he was dog sitting for the week. I'm happy to announce that after having a dog for a week, J no longer wants a dog.  :) But she is a very sweet dog and she liked the walk a lot. Isn't she pretty? During the walk J carried Coco in the Ergo and she slept almost the whole time. All in all, it was ideal! My mom had a great time, the walk was just the right distance and the harrowing cable car ride that took us down 3,000 feet in five minutes to Wengen in the valley below was the perfect finish.  


  1. oh my, what a cutie, and what beautiful photographs and location!!!
    xo TJ


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