Sezanne Epicerie et Bistro in Colmar

While my mom was visiting, we took a quick overnight trip to Colmar, France. While we were there, we had the best lunch ever.

Sezanne is an Epicerie in the center of Colmar on the Grand Rue. It's run by two brothers who know all about wine, spices, food and everything yummy. Last year the two decided to open a little bistro on the second floor, so now you can eat there. It's the type of place that has a handwritten menu and desserts made with the freshest ingredients of the day sitting under foil just waiting to be eaten. My mom ordered the Pluma Iberique and I got the Salad Gourmande. Our food was absolutely excellent! The salad was the perfect blend of delightful flavors and it was put together so meticulously. I was swooning over the bunches of arugula wrapped in bresaola. It was simply wonderful. We were so impressed with not only the food, but the decor, ambiance and the two adorable brothers themselves.

They were so welcoming and didn't mind that we took hours to have lunch with little Coco crawling around on the floor. On the way out, we stopped in the shop and bought the cutest wire baskets, jams, duck confit and fine olive oils. If you're ever in Colmar, you don't want to miss it.