Scandinavian Design

Today I visited the home of a very stylish Swedish woman I know here in Zurich. And I was completely blown away by her modern, inviting, minimalist, cozy decor. It seems contradictory, but it really was all of those things at once! After spending a few hours in her home, it had me convinced that when we buy a house, we will have a Scandinavian interior. 

I love the bold curves and overall subtlety of Scandinavian design. A shop in our neighborhood sells that teapot (which I have had my eye on for months) and the Nordic Light candlestick is even more striking in person. Do you find Scandinavian design attractive yet pared down, or sparse and cold? 


  1. I love it ALL! Always have! Even as a teen! And Zach has a beautiful ivory ScanDesign sectional we will be keeping for him while he & Konstanze are living in Germany. You would like that, too. We are going to use parts of it in our Master Suite, and it will be great for creating a personal reading space inside our own rooms! Of course, we will have to return it, assuming they return to Portland after K completes her PhD Thesis! Anyway, I the k your future home will be beautiful and inviting, too! I do NOT find Scandinavian Design cold or too utilitarian! I think
    It looks sophisticated and polished! i want that candlabra NOW!! Thx for sharing what you've found!!

    1. So fabulous! It's such unique design. I could never call it cold, but sometimes I find the apartments here in Switzerland a bit cold. Our last one was, but this one is super cozy because the building is almost 150 years old. :) Enjoy that sofa while those kids are gone!!! And are you going to order the candelabra? ;) It also comes in white!!! xo


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