Have a splendid weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? Tonight I'm going for my first private Pilates lesson (recommended by my massage therapist) to strengthen my stomach muscles post pregnancy. Yikes! I'll definitely let you know how it goes. On Saturday we have our family photos with local Zurich photographer Jana Manja. We can't wait to have some professional shots of the three of us all together! Then on Sunday we have friends and their baby girl coming for lunch. I'm making Mexican and I can't wait! :) I hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are. Here are a few links that caught my eye this week.

To keep the towels off the floor.

I'm absolutely in love with these birthstone studs.

If I only I could feel this way about Coco.

I love a good biography.

I read this just after I had written this and burst into tears!

Biggest perk of living in Europe? Series Three starts in September, not January!

Baking these as soon as humanly possible.

Not sure what I think of this pop of gold.

Love this man and his fiery spirit!

See you back here Monday! xo


  1. Good luck with your lesson, looking forward to hearing how it went :) Is it on a mat or on a reformer? I've been looking around for places in Lausanne to start Pilates as well, after the pregnancy.. seems efficient!

    1. Piretta - It was awesome! I'm already a little bit sore today. We did work on the reformer, mat and wall. If only it weren't so expensive...because it is SO efficient. The instructor has five children herself, so she knows what it means to rebuild the "powerhouse" postpartum. I hope you find a place!! xo


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