Have a cozy weekend.

As of today, it's rainy, cold and grey in Zurich, so we are planning to stay snuggly and warm inside pretty much all weekend. I want to start working on Coco's photo book of her first year (sniff!) and maybe we will even have a fire. Today I hear the radiators clanking, which is hard to believe considering yesterday still felt like summer. I hope it's just a bit of bad weather, but I'm afraid fall may already be here. Summer, why do you always go by so quickly? Oh well. :)

Here's what caught my eye this week. See you back here Monday! xo

Shake your tail feather to this song and beat the cold weather blues.

Remembering Neil Armstrong in photos.

I'm ordering this the moment I land on US soil!

This looks better than our current model for snuggling and watching a movie.

Encouraging for parents like J and me.

Candle season is upon us.

Can't wait to get these for our little eater.

Now every morning I have a frog for the day.

Shivers up and down my spine!

Scandinavian Design meets Louis XIV?

A little fancy sparkle to wear with jeans and a black tee.

The truth about marriage. (And you thought you knew! ;)


  1. what perfect little links. and i love that candle season is coming up! yay for fall and cold weather!
    xo TJ

    1. Candle season is the best! Our house smells like Anthropologie. :) Heaven!


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