Do you own a house?

Something that I daydream about often is being a homeowner when we move back to the States. We really love apartment living in the city, but we also know that someday we are going to be so ready to for a house with a garden and a big front porch and lots of space for our family and entertaining. A couple of years ago, when we were just arriving in Switzerland, getting settled and feeling good about staying, I saw the cutest house for sale near my mom's. 

As crazy as it sounds, I kind of wish we had bought it and rented it in the meantime! It's right across the street from a cute coffee shop and in the exact neighborhood I want to live in when we move back. I actually saved the photos from the listing (don't judge!) and I like to look at them every once in a while, daydreaming of pies cooling on windowsills, backyard grill parties with my mom and sisters and Coco's cousins, and walking the kids to school through crunchy fall leaves. Doesn't it just sound like heaven? 
I always become ridiculously attached to my apartments, but living in a house will be even more wonderful because it's long term. It's exciting to be saving every month for this big, adult step we will take in the next five years! If you're a homeowner, I'd love to hear your tips on house hunting, home buying and settling in. What worked well in the process? What would you do differently?   


  1. My biggest tip on house hunting, is not to settle. Know what you want and wait until you get it. It took us a year to find our house, but are so happy we did. We almost settled on another house and even put offers in, just because we wanted to be done with the whole process and have our own home. I am so glad we waited! Also, don't go through Umpqua bank when you get a mortgage. They were HORRIBLE and everyone I know that went through them for mortgages also had horrible experiences.

    1. Great advice! I can see how it would be easy to get frustrated and impatient. I think we will plan on renting a place for a year while we find the perfect house. Thank you for the tip!! And we will steer clear of Umpqua. I knew a guy who worked there and if he was any indication of the type of place they are, you just confirmed it! ;)


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