New Reading Glasses

September 19, 2012

I've been thinking I need reading glasses for a couple of years now. My vision is fine, it's just sometimes when I read or use the computer for a long time, I begin to squint or see double a bit. It turns out to be a completely normal problem. Phew! So earlier this week, I went to have an eye test and see about getting a pair of glasses. My vision is at 120% (whatever that means!) and for reading, I need a very light prescription. Oh. My. It is so awesome! I should have gotten reading glasses long ago. Everything is extra clear and sharp and easy to read. No squinting or straining! I can't wait to try knitting with them on. Really, why didn't I go sooner? :)

As for the frames, I really wanted something a bit classic yet original. I love that they're light enough that they're not burdensome and big enough that they're not always crowding my field of vision. Getting glasses was super easy and my supplementary insurance will cover 200 francs of it. Rad. Do you wear glasses? I'm curious, did you have a hard time settling on frames? To me it seemed like a big decision. ;)

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  1. I wear glasses and have since age 11 :) I haven't usually had a hard time settling on frames because I am super particular and the styles that I like were always hard to find or too $$ where I live. But now with sites like Bon Look, etc. I am having a realllllly hard time picking a new pair, with so many great and affordable options out there! I want a pair for every day of the week! (And a different color for every mood. Hehe)
    Your glasses look super cute, by the way :)

    1. Okay, that was the factor that made it so tough - the expense! (Oh, Switzerland, you're killing me. I know you can relate!! ;) Thanks for the tip on Bon Look. Now that I have my prescription, maybe I'll get another pair, too. Hehe!! xo

  2. Definitely! My friend got glasses while we were in Lugano and I think he paid something like 500 CHF for them (after insurance)! They were beautiful though...and much more fashionable than what we could get in the States.
    Good luck with Bon Look! I had to stop looking on there because I was loading my online cart with at least 5 pairs each time! :O
    But I *am* up for a new pair of glasses so...hehehe

    1. Mine were pretty steep. Not as steep as your friend's, but I think I'll have them for at least five years. ;) Enjoy your glasses shopping!!! YAY!


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