Thursday, September 20, 2012

The sweetest baby clothes: Tea Collection

I'm so behind in making Coco's 1st birthday wish list! But right at the top is a selection of adorable baby clothes from Tea Collection. Coco already has a romper from their spring line and it's luxuriously soft and easy for her to maneuver in. Over the next few months, as she starts to walk, I'd love to dress her in (clockwise from top left) the Nordic Layer Dress - with vermillion leggings! It's cute and girly, but won't get in her way crawling around or climbing stairs. The cute-as-can-be Night Owl Pajamas. Wouldn't they just be the sweetest on her chubby little thighs? The soft and feminine Winter Blooms Romper. It's ideal for cuddles and books by the fire. That is, if she ever takes a break from pulling up on the bookshelf and tossing all the books on the floor! And, last but certainly not least, the Swedish Lark 2-piece Set. Those gypsy pants are kind of amazing. I like to imagine her walking in them, toddling to and fro with her darling diapered baby bum. That makes me smile.

Comfort and mobility and soft, high-quality fabric are the most important things for me in baby clothes. What do you look for in clothes for your baby? Is there anything better than dressing a baby girl?! (I'm thinking the answer to that last one is no. ;) xo


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  2. if my Pinterest page is anything to go by, I look for totally cute and impractical, not to mention overpriced, euro-style clothing for my nonexistent baby girl :)
    I think in the next 5/10 years I will probably open a store in the states to sell euro baby clothing brands because I cannot get enough of cute euro baby clothes! (and I hate that all the companies charge like 50$ shipping)

    1. I'm also completely obsessed with DPaM. So adorable!!! :):):) I hope you'll have US shipping for your Euro baby clothes store. I will definitely be a customer when we move back. ;)

  3. Great collection for kids. I love it. I like Bella clothing for my kids. Try once:

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  5. Wow I can't wait to have a kids and wearing this kind of baby clothes I like the white one looks cool.

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  8. Those are some lovely collection of baby dresses. I will buy those after my delivery. Its been almost 9 months. It was only possible because of this natural gender selection. Everyone can use this.


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