Zurich: Family bike ride to Frau Gerolds Garten

J had today off, which was so lovely because the weekends are never long enough! Spontaneously, after breakfast, we decided to go for a family bike ride. Züri Rollt is an awesome bike sharing program throughout the city of Zurich where you can get a bike and helmet and baby seat (and baby helmet) for free! So amazing. Especially in a city where nothing is free - or even remotely affordable. ;)

When we first got Coco in the baby seat, I wasn't sure if she'd like it very much. But then she started checking it out and soon after, she relaxed and settled right in.

We rode through the middle of the city and Coco was having a great time chirping, squealing and babbling as we zoomed along. We stopped at Paradeplatz to take a few pictures and then we continued on to west Zurich for lunch at Frau Gerolds Garten. I've been wanting to check this place out all summer and today was the perfect day for it!

Frau Gerolds Garten is a super cool summer restaurant with a sustainable, eco-friendly mission. Much of the food is grown on-site in amazing raised beds right next to your table! And the kitchen, bathrooms and entire restaurant structure are made of recycled shipping containers. It's completely rad. 

Just next store is the Freitag flagship store, which is also made out of shipping containers. Freitag made some sleek, industrial benches for Frau Gerolds that really add to the cool feel of the place. I'd love to have one as a little seat outside our kitchen window. Don't you think they're cool? 

The food was very yummy. We had sausages and then we shared a summer salad with avocado, hearts of palm and sundried tomatoes on greens. But perhaps the best thing of all was the water. In Zurich, you never get water at a restaurant unless you order bottled water. But at Frau Gerolds Garten, there was fresh water with lemon, orange and mint out on the bar and you could drink as much as you wanted!

After lunch, we hopped back on our bikes and rode home just in time for Coco to have a nice long nap. I'm so excited to have a bike of my own with a baby seat. Family bike rides are my new favorite thing. Do you have a baby bike seat? Is it front- or back-mounted? I'd love to hear why you love it (or hate it! :) xo


  1. Little Coco looks adorable in her bike seat :) Seems like you had a fun day! Ah, Zurich is so nice, much 'younger' than Geneva or Lausanne!

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