To Buy or Not to Buy...

Did you go crazy shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I was so amazed (and affronted!) by the emails I received from just about every single retailer I've ever visited in my life last week telling me about their sales and promotions and free shipping offers. Oh my goodness. What a racket.

J and I feel really compelled to be thoughtful with our consumer habits in 2013. I think that sometimes in our modern life, we shop and buy things for absolutely no reason at all. Do you agree? We've been thinking a lot about what we need, versus what we're being told we need by advertisements. This year we're trying hard to come up with a really thoughtful, balanced approach to our holiday spending.

My sister Juliet recommended the idea "just enough to live well" and we are taking it to heart. Here are a few ways we've decided to spend money this season for the joy it gives us and the need it fills.
J is crazy for skiing, so he bought a pass to Laax for the season this year. After Christmas, we are going as a family to Davos for a week. I am looking forward to playing in the snow on the sun terraces with Coco, drinking hot chocolate, and napping while J skis. In the evenings, I can't wait for fondue, wine and watching movies. 
As a gift we can all enjoy, we are getting the Muuto teapot and pepper grinder. The teapot has been on my wish list for ages. And the pepper mill is something we truly need and will use everyday. I love little luxuries like that! Nothing beats a hot pot of tea in the winter. 
Quite by mistake, it has become our tradition to go to the Conelli Circus every year here in Zurich. It is a darling little circus set up over the water on the Limmat River, with a live mini-orchestra, lots of acrobats, and tricks and dancing. It is an animal-free circus and beforehand there is a champagne bar with a piano player on the ceiling. It's an amazing experience. We love it!  

What ways will you be spending money this holiday season? Is being mindful of how you spend money and consume a priority for you? 


  1. For me it always changes depending on where I live. I found in CH I spent more money on experiences (and with all those recycling laws I couldn't help but be mindful of how I was consuming!). But now that I live at home with my parents, I definitely "treat" myself more to make up for that fact (often through homewares from Anthro). I am aware of it though, which I think is better? Haha.
    I recently bought plane tickets for a long weekend in Berlin so now I am making the effort to be more mindful as I save for fun experiences in Berlin with my friends :)
    That little tea pot is so cheerful and the perfect color to liven up a snowy swiss afternoon!
    p.s. I never made it to Davos, or any skiing in CH. Can you believe it? As a student I couldn't afford to get to the mountain, rent the skiis and boots, buy a lift pass for the day, etc., let alone the fact that I lived in Lugano so did not have proper snow gear... But I guess that's just another reason for me to move back ;)
    In the mean time, I can't wait to see your pictures from there!

    1. I can believe it! I don't ski at all....! ;) Funny place to live as a non-skiier, isn't it? I agree that it's hard to resist Anthropologie's homewares - and to be a conscientious consumer. It's good to have it in our thoughts, right?

  2. This year we are going to spend our money for season holidays in Arosa. We love Arosa and go there, if possible, every year. It's kind a tradition. The yellow teapot is fantastic, I love scandinavian design, it's one of the best. "iittala" is another one, they also have nice stuff. You surely know it. Looking forward to seeing your picture from Davos... :-)

    1. I will look at Iittala. :) Have a great time in Arosa and we will definitely post lots of pics of Davos!


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