Going to IKEA

Today was our big trip to IKEA. Let me begin by saying I'm so happy we don't have a car. Driving in Zurich can be a bit of a nightmare because the streets are tiny and twisty and there is a lot of traffic. Add to that that Coco hates being in the car and she screamed and cried pretty much all the way there and you have less than fun. But once we got there, she was happy and had the time of her life pushing a little chair all over the children's department and restaurant and halfway to the bathroom.  She was unstoppable and it was adorable. She was so completely invested in pushing that chair! She leaned into it with nothing but gusto and looked completely satisfied and happy. It was a total joy to watch. What a  racket it made! People were confused, alarmed even, looking around to figure out what was making that low grumbling and then they'd see tiny Coco pushing with all her might and even the snarliest of grouches had to smile. :) If  the Google Maps App hadn't completely drained my battery driving out there, I would have taken pictures and probably a video too, but as it is, my phone died before we made it home! I should have done it anyway, darnit. It was so cute!!

I freely admit that I'm one of those weird people who actually really likes going to IKEA. Right now I'm in the midst of several little home improvement projects and I can't wait to install our new kitchen shelf (with hooks for hanging pans!) and get our office more organized. Naturally, we ate the meatballs for lunch, and just in case you're wondering, we drove a Mobility car to get there. It's a nifty car sharing program here in Switzerland that I have a membership to with my annual tram pass. Even though I like IKEA and we had lots of fun, it's always stressful toward the end and getting home. And then, just for good measure, Coco threw up a few minutes from home. Nothing like a little extra laundry and fuss on top of the IKEA madness, right? My goodness, what a day. 

So, do you like IKEA, too? It's exactly the same everywhere, you know. ;) 


  1. I LOVE IKEA! We just moved to Basel last Sunday and IKEA is going to be our big stop next week to search for lightings, etc. It still puzzles me that Swiss apartments don't come with fitted lights and that we have to provide them ourselves and hire an electrician! It is totally unheard of coming from Asia! We don't have a car yet so I'm going to check out the Mobility car you mentioned on your post!

    1. Isn't it bizarre about the light fixtures?! It used to be the entire kitchen, too. Stove, refrigerator, cupboards, everything. Thankfully that's no longer the case. ;) I love that our current apartment doesn't have overhead lights - instead the switch is connected to plugs around the room. It's a great system. Definitely check out Mobility! It's a great deal and get an IKEA Family card. Good savings there! xo


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