What are your hobbies?

My greatest hobby lately is knitting. I have always enjoyed the act of knitting, but somehow I never got that excited about the stuff I could knit - until I had a baby! Knitting patterns for babies are so adorable and useful, it's hard to choose. Over the past month or so I've made two baby hats for Coco, both of which turned out way too small. (But they'll be perfect for the next baby ;) And now I'm really getting brave and gearing up to start a sweater! I was delighted to find both an English-speaking knitting group and a really friendly knitting shop right in our neighborhood!

I learned to knit for the first time when I was seven years old and my family was living in Ireland. I still remember the green knitting needles with black tips that I learned on. :)  Then, in my twenties, while I was in Montessori training, my friend Kyrie taught me to knit again. And, finally, a few years ago in Portland, I took a sock class at a knitting shop in our neighborhood and learned how to knit in the round. In that class, my knitting skills and knowledge really skyrocketed, so if you know how to knit and purl and you've made a scarf, I highly recommend finding a class. You'll be amazed at how you jump to the next level. 

It's so satisfying to be learning something new and honing a skill. But, in all honesty, I think the thing I love the most about knitting is how relaxing and calming it is. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy about them and how did you get started? 


  1. i have been working on a scarf for over a year now...it moves to various locations around the house (as i have intentions of working on it certain days...but never happens). i *so* want to learn how to knit really well...i actually dream of making my own hats,socks, and sweaters etc one day. i hope to join a class once we move to switzerland ( i did join a class in BC when we lived there and it got cancelled, and i joined another one in NB when we moved there and finally learned how to actually knit). the other hobby i hope to start when we move is swimming. i really enjoy it :). justin (my husband) hopes to start rowing! :)
    ps...your posts have been so lovely and filled with such good information for us. i have bookmarked the sites for the vacation home exchange, the car exchange site (from yesterdays post) and now the knitting group! thank you! i think they will all come in handy once we move there :)

    1. You'll have no trouble swimming. The Zurisee is like swimming in silk. I love that lake so much!! I would try to find a class before heading over, or just do some videos. Garn Studio has awesome videos on their website and so does Very Pink Knits on YouTube. I learned so much from those two sources. I'm glad you're finding the posts helpful!! :)

  2. Hobbie... I am the luckiest lady in the world, as my hobby has become my job. I had the revelation in my early twenties when I pulled out a bucket list I had made when I was eleven. One of the points was to "Study literature and write a book after I retire." I realised that I didn't have anything about my job BEFORE I retire on that list... so I've turned my hobby of writing into a job and I'm still plugging away at the Everest that is the first novel.

    I love this post! I could write for ages about my guitar, about cooking and about riding my bike... but all of these things are long stories :)


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