Do or Don't: Holy Mama Yoga Retreat, Ibiza

Have you ever been to Ibiza? It always makes me think of foam parties and craziness, but apparently there is a whole different world on the north part of the island. Up there, it's all yoga retreats, hiking and chilling out in nature. I had no idea!

I'm terribly tempted to join a few of my friends and their little ones for a mommy and baby yoga retreat in Ibiza at the end May. It sounds amazing: A full week in a private villa with yoga everyday (babysitting included!), three freshly prepared vegetarian meals for mama and child daily, smoothies and super foods to snack on throughout the day, space to relax by the pool and under the pergola, and a spa pass to a spa nearby (while they babysit, of course ;). Wouldn't it be amazing to watch one of the legendary sunsets with my girlfriends while our little toddlers run around on the beach and play in the sand? 

I would so love to join them, but we leave for the States June 11, so it would be a serious turnaround once we got back. Also, I have my doubts. How well would Coco do with babysitters she's never met?  And then there is the issue of packing for a trip like that. We would have to bring her travel cot and her lovey and her stuffed rabbit and about a billion nuggis and numerous other things. And what if she doesn't like the food? Worse yet, what if something happens and she gets hurt or seriously ill while we're out in the middle of the Ibicencan countryside? 

But...I suppose there is always the possibility that everything could go smoothly and it really could be a heavenly retreat with my beloved girlfriends and their little ones. And besides, we have iron-clad Swiss health insurance and Rega. ;)

Over the past few days, I have been trying (quite unsuccessfully) to decide against going. The price isn't cheap, but it isn't completely outrageous, so that isn't an automatic deal breaker. And it feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We are living in Europe; it's not far to go. Coco will be at a great age for running around on the beach and playing in the sand and yet she still flies free on my lap. :) And, because we plan to start trying for another baby around Coco's second birthday anyway, I might not have an opportunity like this again. What do you think? Should I go ahead and do it? Or should I save the funds and the headache of two big trips virtually back-to-back? 

(Photo of a typical Ibizan sunset from here)


  1. Ibiza is amazing! Go!

    My inlaws have a home in Davos. We visit a couple a times a year. We're always toying with idea of living there. Do you like living in Switzerland? It's crazy expensive right?

    1. Hi Joan! Switzerland is crazy expensive, but it works out really well for us...maybe I'll write a post answering your question. It's a long answer!! ;)

      Thanks for the encouragement on the Ibiza trip. Isn't Davos pretty? xo

  2. Have you made up your mind? Sounds totally amazing to me! I'd be there in a heartbeat, but we'll be in Australia the week before and I'm off to Scotland for this netball tournament at the end of May too... Bloody May! I really hope you will :)

  3. I decided to do it, ladies! I cannot wait. :) xo


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